F-Secure SAFE is reminding me to update my subscription too often ... what can I do?

I'm using F-Secure SAFE on a Windows 10 PC at work. Someone will update my F-secure subscription within a few days. Until then how do I reduce how often F-Secure reminds me to re-subscribe? It reminds me several times per hour.


Thanks in advance for a tip.




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    Hi @FredAsh,


    Just to keep you informed, I have moved your post to the most relevant board.

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    While the manager said he/she was moving this to the relevant board, there was no mention as to which board it was, so I'm replying here.


      YES.  Every 60 seconds is beyond irritating.  I WAS planning on buying the software, but with such an inconsiderate, in-your-face method of getting you to subscribe.....   I've uninstalled the software.  If they're doing that to you right out of the box, so to speak, I can only dread how poor their community support will be once you buy the software.   Other companies software may not be as highly rated, but they don't treat you in such an insulting manner either.

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    Sorry for my reply.

    Does it possible that your experience based on Windows 10?

    If yes.. probably this is can be related with "fresh" Windows design about "remind" - when any of supported (by Microsoft) security software goes to be soon with expired subscription (or expired already). And pop-up/prompt can be based on system notification?


    If not.. probably there can be helpful information about "which solution" there. And what certainly "said" prompt or what was there each minute?


    Sorry for my ask.



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    We are investigating this issue, unfortunately we have not yet found a reliable way to reproduce this problem. However, there is some evidence that restarting the computer may get rid of this problem, please try if this helps.

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