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Hi. When I connect to a server in the US, I stll can´t watch ABC Broadcast channels. Is it because its a cable channel and therfor just available at a charge or is anything wth my browser not ok?


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    Hi timsen,


    What is the error message you get when you try to stream the channels? Does it work with Freedome turned off?


    Please share with us a copy of the URL you are trying to watch.

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    thanks for answering.


    there is no error message. Its just a blank site, no player appears where it should.

    Its just the abc broadcast channel which doesn´t work, for example NBC or usa network runs perfectly.

    Check this link:

    Doesn´t work on my computer...



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    Hi timsen,


    As I checked the FAQ section in their website, I find that it has to be included in your TV subscription service. Please have a look at the faq for more information about how it works.

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    Hmm, doesnt find a solution..Somehow it won´t work!

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