When turning Freedome on I can't connetc anywhere

I just insatlled Freedome on my PC (Windows) and if I turn it on, I do connected to the server, but can't connet to any web site neither with IE or Firefox. I am in China and VPN tunnels in this apartment's WLAN are allowed, as I have no issue to use Ciscoanyconnect for work. Any idea what could be wrong?

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  • PekkaJPekkaJ Posts: 3

    Further description of the problem: when Freedome is turned ON, I will get connected to simultaneously to 2 networks: the WLAN and undefined network, which is the Freedome. For Freedome it says no internet connection, for the wlan it says internet connection, but with Freedome on nothing works.

  • PekkaJPekkaJ Posts: 3
    It works fine on iPad, so probably not just blocking VPN connections. But does not work on either of the PC's I've tried. It seems to connect OK to the chosen server with no warnings, but no web pages can be accessed.
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