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Do F-Seure identify Ask toolbar to unwated application and delete?  Like Microsoft and other security programs delete this. Microsoft has detected PUA: Win32/Ask.Toolbar. And others: not-a-virus:WebToolbar.Win32.Agent.byv (Kaspersky), Generic!ats(McAfee), a variant of Win32/Bundled.Toolbar.Ask.M potentially unsafe application (ESET),DataApp Installer (Sophos), PUA_AdToolbar (Trend Micro), Worm.Chir!1.A2F3 (Rising AV),Win32.Worm.Nimda.O (BitDefender), Bloodhound.MalPE (Symantec).


How F-Secure has idntify this?


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    Ask Toolbar is not a virus, it's is a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), or adware, so it may not be treated as malicious by F-Secure. If you need protection from these types of applications, then will run happily alongside F-Secure, and should spot any PUPs or adware which come your way.
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    Also.. probably this kind of software most likely detected by just some companies.

    Or (also) often just by NOD32 (they probably most angry about current things).


    I think that if F-Secure will detected Ask Toolbar (not sure about certainly toolbar)... this is possible can be about part of toolbar (like libraries or something else). Or maybe certain variation of Ask Toolbar (payloded by another web-services or companies. With additional features or payloads).


    ... based on virustotal (?!) this detection "Win32.Worm.Nimda.O" not always stay around other detections - which you created. Maybe some of "Ask toolbar" can include some of malicious (or too much unwanted) and will be detected based on this additional points.


    Previously F-Secure did not detected Ask Toolbar and some of potentially unwanted applications by design.

    but detected (in same time) some "modification" of them.


    Sorry for reply.


    Probably there should be just response by F-Secure or user, who get experience with Ask Toolbar (and F-Secure installation). How I can to understand.. certainly "installer" (from will be not detected by F-Secure.

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