Compatibility of Freedome with Norton 360

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Doing the installation of Freedome on a pc with Windows 10, it seems there's an incompatibility with Norton 360 since there's a message asking me to delete Norton 360.

Is there another way than delete Norton 360, like deactivate it until installation is complete? If not, will I be able to reinstall it?

Basically, can both softwares works together properly?


Thank you in advance


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    That's interesting, A_M!


    Could you provide me a screenshot of the message you see about the deletion of Norton 360?

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    Hi A_M, Norton‘s compatibility with Freedome on my computer.

    Filename: Freedome.exe
    Full Path: c:\program files (x86)\f-secure\freedome\freedome\1\freedome.exe



    F-Secure Corporation


    Many Users
    Thousands of users in the Norton Community have used this file.

    This file was released 1 month ago.

    User Trusted
    You have indicated that this file is trusted.

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    Hi Laksh,


    Yesterday, when asked to delete Norton 360, I pressed the cancel button.

    Today, trying again to install Freedome, once more I'm asked to delete Norton 360; here's the screenshot (in french):




    "Your computer is haveing one or several incompatible products. Your computer may automatically restart once the software deleted. If you continue, the following software will be deleted: Norton 360"


    Again, I pressed cancel but here's the following screenshot saying that Freedome has been fully installed:



    "Installation is complete. Some problems occured during installation." Antivirus and Browsing Protection have been "cancelled by user".


    I pressed "Close" and found that Freedome hasn't been installed at all.

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    Hi Laksh,


    You're right, I was trying to install SAFE instead of Freedome...

    I confirm: Freedome works perfectly fine with Norton 360.

    Thank you very much!

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    Glad to know the issue has been resolved, A_M. Thanks for your update.

    Have a good day!

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