How to install F-S IS Tech Preview on an new android device

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I've installed TP on an android device about a year ago. Maybe it has changed since then, but I am having problems installing it on another android.

I go to My FS Protection

Click Add a Device

Select Install on Another Device

Select SMS.

The SMS arrives.

I open the link in the browser

Get directed to the Play store and FS Protection.

In the list of devices I can see the android devices I have ever used

except the current one to which I should like to install TP.

Please help me, how do I get the device on the list or how do I install without doing that.


There used to be a place where I could add devices to my FS beta tester profile, but now I don't see that either.  I should assume that the devices are updated based on where TP is installed.



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    My steps was next (probably.. if I normally remember them) recently:


    --> Turn on Android device; Open by any of steps (SMS-link, mail-letter, direct link or search under Google Store, other) page for FS Protection (F-Secure IS TP - I mean same there? or there still valid F-Secure IS TP name under Android devices?).


    --> Download/install FS Protection for Android device.


    --> Launch FS Protection and after some of common steps --- it should to ask about "trial" (?! ; where some features can be disabled), "create account" (?! ; potentially can not be helpful - because you have to use activated account) or login to your account.  I think that.. with any of steps... you able to re-login to your main account later (?!).


    --> You should to choose "login to account" and will be page like My FS Protection portal.

    You fill login/mail and password for your account.


    After this.. you will be able to configure installation. If there enough "licenses" - will be prompt for name your device.

    If not enough.. probably will be prompt for "re-use" licenses.

    Same situation will be if you use "invited" account (and not just main one).


    After this... installation completed.. and you should be with "license days left" and all features as "workable"-status.





    Changes with previous design probably can be about points:


    -- On current days... "devices" created under My FS Protection portal just when "FS Protection" installed in fact.

    So.. there means.. that installation for Android device possible to do just under Android device (like SMS/letter and other steps - just friendly step to get URL for installation instructions/page.


    -- If we uninstalled FS Protection from desktop device (potentially situation).. it can be "device not in use" (like gray-status. license not in use). Previously... with next installation was auto-handle to re-use license.

    Same with "if we created device" - but not installed it.

    On current days.. there will be prompt for "choose license to re-use".


    Sorry for my reply.

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    Sounds like you have gone first to Google play and then located the app and logged into your betatester account.



    Not certainly like that, but this is "just one" steps - which work for me (about mobile devices).


    My recent experience about Android devices (mainly) was for "invited" account.

    And I use "mail-letter" (not SMS, because it was tablet-device).

    So.. in fact... there was "same mail-letter", which created for Android-tablet (!? like Google-account ?!). Maybe this is main point also.

    Steps: get mail-letter (should be same with SMS, where URL with re-transfer to your OS; I use SMS for Windows Phone devices) --> opened Google Play Store with FS Protection page --> installed application ---> and logged into "sub-account" (account as invited by main account). But it was possible to login for any of accounts (main point - account should be activated and with licenses-available-to-use / or possibility to re-use licenses). Call/Create device-name and it start be listed under My FS Protection portal (for main and for "invited"-account) with valid status.


    Anyway.. just good that all work nice with your device on current time! :)

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