Infinite reboot at "Compatibility Check" (Install)


F-Secure Safe will not install (first install with dowloaded F-Secure-Safe-Network-Installer_****_.exe).

Infinite reboot at "Compatibility Check" (75% Install).

After reboot "Compatibility Check" (75%) and told me to restart.

Infinite loop... A dozen times for now.

No way to stop this loop.


My environement : PC WIN 10 Professionnal 64b - Core i5 - 8 G.


Thank you for your suggestions.


  • Simon
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    To get around the reboot loop, my suggestion would be to try to stop the F-Secure installation before it starts to install again, or can you cancel the installation before it gets to the Compatibility Check?  In the 'olden days', I would have recommended booting into Safe Mode, but I don't think it's so easy to do so on Windows 10.


    If you can somehow get back to a working Desktop, run the F-Secure Uninstallation Tool, and that will hopefully remove any part-installation of F-Secure, so you can start the installation again from scratch.  Do bear in mind that any previous security software should be removed, preferably using the product's specific uninstallation tool, before you start to install F-Secure.  Allowing F-Secure to remove other software during the installation often doesn't work very well.


    Let us know how you get on.  :)

  • Ville
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    Hi @François31


    Infinite loop is clearly a bug in the product. I would ask you to run support tool, collect fsdiag.7z and send it to our support so that we can figure out what causes it and fix it.



    Then to actually get the installation succeed, I think what @Simon suggested has best chances of fixing the problem. If you're still in the infinite loop, running Uninstallation Tool when it asks for reboot should break the loop.



    (F-Secure R&D)



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  • François31
    François31 Posts: 2 New Member

    Thanks a lot for your answers

    I restarted windows in safe mode but the FS install does not restart.

    Only one solution for me : uninstall and search another anti-virus .

  • Simon
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    No but while you're in safe mode, you could have used the uninstall tool to remove F-Secure, then it may have installed correctly.
  • Avisitors
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    Try using f-secure booster to clean you  registry

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