Banking security works not with all banks


Hello, with one bank the protection works. - And with the other bank not. - So what is the reason or rather, what can I do?


Thank you




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    Maybe can be helpful F-Secure Labs/SAS about URL (if it should trigger banking protection, but do not yet). Like additional for support ticket (or before this).. you able to try transfer URL with "information" (option "I want to give more ...") about situation, URL and category (banking):



    And also you able to re-check some points:


    --> That "other bank" web-page work/opened under HTTPS (this is main trigger for banking protection).


    --> That there is indeed "other bank" page and not a trick.


    And like additional temporary  workaround. If you want to work with "other bank" and banking protection did not activated yet. You able to open two tabs: ("one bank", which will trigger banking protection) and ("other bank", which can be blocked - but you able to allow it). Banking protection (when activated) work for all browsers/system/network connections. So.. there will be small different - if you get banking protection under "other bank" from first.


    Sorry for my reply.

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