F-Secure Key Mass Feature Request

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Hi Team,

Hi fellow users,


I'm a new Key premium user who just moved from LastPass premium (due to security/privacy reasons) and using Freedome for 2 years and I was also included in beta program. I added feature requests and gave responses about the beta product.


Feature request list

1) 2FA authentication (Google authenticator/custom app + support  hardwares like Yubikey)

2) Password generator: more than 32 chars (up to 512)

3) Automatic password history

4) New auto lock times between 60mins and 10hrs (or custom)

5) Analytics opt-out option

6) Folders/Tags support

7) New record categories (beyond Password and Credit card): ID/Passport, Issurance, Health issurance, Private-public key, Driving licence, Internet bank access, Database, Email account, Membership, Social security, Server, SSH-key, Software licence, Wifi password

7) Password security assessment (easy passwords, same passwords, etc)

8) OS X Safari autofill add-on

9) OS X app: mass password management (selecting, deleting, moving etc multiple passwords at once)

10) OS X app: Font size setting

11) iOS app exit autolock (I'm happy that app has privacy protection:) + quick PIN & TouchID unlock support

12) iOS system wide credential autofill support (like LastPass)


If you need beta testers on OS X or on iOS via TestDrive I'm here Smiley Wink

Thanks for listening,



OS X app version: 4.3.131 (OS X: El Capitan 10.11.5 (15F34))

iOS app version: 4.2.2 (iPhone 6 Vanilla 9.3.2 (13F69))



  • BalazsM
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    11) iOS app exit autolock (I'm happy that app has privacy protectionSmiley Happy + quick PIN & TouchID unlock support


    This option exists, but not in Settings but on next login to iOS app. 

  • BalazsM
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    13) Make Key icon visible on OSX status bar in dark mode. Key icon color doesn't switch to lighter color like other icons.


  • Lazo
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    I would buy the product today if it supported Yubikey.

  • Gerka
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    All suggestions seem good. For me personally, the most important ones are:


    1. tagging/grouping option

    2. 2FA

    3. password history in a sense that some kind of reminder to change old passwords

  • TheoGant
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    Yes I agree, 2FA is important and open source yubikey support would really let this product take off?