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Freedome - Windows 7


How can I configure Freedome VPN to use a direct connection to certain addresses rather trying to connect through its VPN?

I have a home network with two IP ranges and i can only connect to devices in my subnet ( Devices in other subnets (such as cannnot be reached while Freedome is active.


  • fmsand
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    I resolved it by adding a route. But still it would be a necessary enhancement to Freedome in my view. On a non-rooted Android you can not simple add a route to access a local device on another subnet.
    Thanks for responding.
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    Hello fmsand, 


    Thank you for the quick update. Note that for Android device you can follow this article and add trusted networks.

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    I am glad you asked this question and for the reply Ben. I know now that Freedome can be defeated if someone can get to root access on your Andriod phone. The best minds in the word can not protect all the data in the world.

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