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Please give back an old interface to Policy Manager Console

Thin new interface 12.10 with bright white and light blue is to mach light to eyes. Make saome featrue witch few graphic templates or get back to old interface


In old interface all hossts in left panel tree has icon with operation system, now in 12.10 there is light grey text "windows 10" this is not easier solution, this text is less readable, and we have toresize left panel to see it.

Advanced mode with black and grey text and blue edges filde - you gotta be kidding, this is absolutly unreadeable. Old icons of padlock (???) now is totaly unvisible when its locked. In Alerts _when you select one row, there is small row Message on down of screen witch schows only one line and can be scroll but cant be resize

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  • Mime
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    Full approval!!

    This design is horrible and not applicable for business usage.

    What is that giant banner at the top screen edge??

    And by the way... it's the same **bleep** as on the website.