F Secure Via Virgin Media not equipping 12 month free


As per title i am a virgin media customer i myself have already had my free 12 months, but my mother who is also a virgin media customer across town also is. She wanted me to activate it for her as i have my computer here with me, and install it for her on her machines that qualify.


How ever even after uninstalling all previous known security softwares, registering her new account it keeps giving me a 29 day trial (the VM security app or software removal tool has also been used).

Whats even more frustrating is my own F secure safe is about to expire, and  i have been with you now for about 2/3 years so i have actually payed for F secure.


I should also note i deleted /uninstalled mine through fear of any conflict with my own installation and or account (So i am hoping thats not the issue).


And since my mother can have it on up to 5 machines, i was hoping to have a key issued for me as i am family (i believe this is allowed by your own words in the My F Secure area). But it keeps showing 29 day trial how do i get around this ? 


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