WiFi Problem with Freedome on Win 10

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This problem began 7 days into the 14-day Freedom trial. When the PC first boots there is now no internet connection via WiFi. Once Freedome is launched and Protection is turned on, the WiFi internet connection is restored. If the Freedome app is then closed, the wifi connection will remain. It's an easy thing to work around but this gives me some lack of confidence in the Freedome app so it would be good to understand it.


Note, the problem is not with the basic wireless link as the PC is able to talk to the router for configuration purposes, etc. at the same time there is no wifi internet connection. Also, the PC menu shows the wifi connection as "secured".




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    Hello Flinstone2,


    Could you try to turn off Freedome before rebooting your PC and see if the problem remains after reboot? 

  • Flintstone2
    Flintstone2 Posts: 5 New Member

    Sorry, but I can't do any further troubleshooting because my 14-day trial has expired.


    I may have described the problem wrong to begin with. It may be happening when the PC comes out of sleep instead of (or maybe in addition to) power-up.


    One other thing to note. When coming out of sleep (or maybe it is power-up) I (sometimes?) see in the lower right hand corner of the screen the pop-up message saying Freedome is connecting followed by  the pop-up message that the VPN connection is made. I'm pretty sure this happens even if the Freedome app had been exited prior to sleep (and/or shutdown?).

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