Today I have bought F Secure Safe for my 2 devices cost 96,71 TL. A few hours later, I decided to make it 3 devices and there was a 120,33 TL on screen. I wasn't sure whether 120,33 TL will be charged in all or just difference will be charged (120,33-96,71 TL). So I clicked buy now hoping it will bring me order page so I could see the real price and confirm the order or not. But wait. It charged me without my confirmation, not to mention it's keeping my credit card information without my permission.


Anyway, I have contacted with the customer support to clarify the issue. I asked if my first payment (96,71 TL) will be paid back or not. If not, I want to cancel my second purchase. It would be unreasonable purchase otherwise, 2 devices 96,71 TL and third one 120,33 TL. After a few hours, I have received an e-mail telling me my 96,71 TL will be paid back and there was nothing about my second purchase. Also my subscription was totally canceled. So my 120,33 TL is totally gone or something?


  • Simon
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    I think you need to pursue and clarify this through the support channel you have already established. There is very little we can do on the forum regarding account queries, for privacy and security reasons.
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