Changing my IP address

Flintstone2 Posts: 5 New Member

How can I change my IP address? (I am talking about the IP assigned by Freedome, not the one assigned by my ISP).


The reason for changing my IP is to make it harder to be tracked. If this reason does not make sense I would be interested to know. Although Freedome provides an encrypted "tunnel" it still may (as I understand it from another post) keep my IP constant for a long time.


  • Flintstone2
    Flintstone2 Posts: 5 New Member

    Thanks. What if , instead of disconnecting and reconnecting the VPN session, I change geographic locations? Will that guarantee a new IP? Is it possible for me to see the IP that has been assigned or to know somehow that it has changed? In all cases I am referring here to the IP seen by the web site I am visiting, not the IP seen by my ISP. I assume any ISP snooping is taken care of by the tunnel encryption.

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    Hi Flintstone2,


    Yes, changing geographic location will get you a new IP as you are changing locations and they have different IP's.

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