Site Down All Weekend For Maintenance?

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I contacted Cleverbridge because I assumed it was being passed to them for the upgrade fee but they said it's F-Secure's problem.  Its been like this since Friday.  I just want to increase the number of licenses.  


Are others experiencing the same this weekend? 


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    Hello WarningU2,


    We didn't not have a long maintenance this weekend. If you still experience this issue, could you please open a support ticket so we can investigate better.

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    Well ... I have a ticket open now  ( F-Secure: xxxxx FSS- Subscription upgrade failed     [ ref:_xxxxxx ] ) .  


    It took me about 40 min yesterday on hold to finally get a support person to tell me to provide screen shot of the error.  


    I'm very frustrated.   Why not just update my license # manually?  Worry about fixing the website or my account after the fact.   I asked if Vinesh could do that ?   And no.   I was told it could be 3 to 5 business days before the issue is resolved but I should get an update tomorrow.


    Meanwhile I'm holding off on my new laptop doing anything ... I had removed McAfee that came preinstalled and thought adding F Secure would be a no brainer.   Wrong,  


    EDIT: removed case information

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