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I had click an advertise at google.com while I was funning freedome but the webpage jump to another website  h t t p ://5015. xg4ken. om/trk/v1?prof=26&camp=2776&affcode=kw31490&kct=google&kchid=6207208531&cid=67457695114&networkType=search&kdv=c&criteriaid=kwd-36235632&adgroupid=606582664&campaignid=14233654&locphy=9031182&adpos=1t1&url= 

 http:// shop.trendmicro.com/Official-Site/?cm_mmc=Paid+Search: US -_-CONS:Brand-_-Google-_-KWtrendmicro&utm_source=google&utm_medium=PPC&utm_term=trendmicro&utm_content=paidsearch&utm_campaign=g - us - nam - trend micro cons - ps - trend b&keywordid=26-31490&k_userid=_kenshoo_clickid_&gclid=CKbfqtX1oM0CFYwkgQodBbMObA


I tried to close freedome to access this site normally and I was successfully.

Is this web a harmful web or just a cross script?I am very worried about it.


EDIT: Removed hyperlink



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    Thank you very much
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