Is Freedome protecting also thoughts?

I tried to open page but Freedome prevented that and told it to be 'harmfull'.  (first I thought it's done by SAFE...)


Sounds like somebody has reported a site that they don't like instead of it being harmful technically.


In my opinion F-Secure shouldn't put sensorship to ideas, but just to actually harmful sites. How many other sites some religious people have got to your blocked list?


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  • TimoKooTimoKoo Posts: 4

    OK, thanks for your quick reaction.


    I thought it's possible to somebody 'sabotage' others by reporting a site harmful when they don't like the content. But good to hear that it's based on more sensible means.

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    You are welcome, Timokoo! Thanks for your feedback and glad to know all sorted now.

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