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Hi, I am hoping you can help me. I need to renew my subscription for SAFE. I currently have 5 licences but only actually need 3. I was hoping on the renew page I would be able to choose different packages but can't. I also hoped that i could buy a new 3 licence pack but when entering my email address it tell me to log in and redirects me to the renew page again. 


How do i get around this issue please, i dont want to pay for 2 licences which i dont need (they  were needed before but due to changes in circumstances are not needed now). I tried the chat support but no one answered and they are now closed. 


I hope you guys can help.



  • Simon
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    It seems strange that you can't change the number of devices when renewing, but I'm not sure why that would be as I've never tried it.  


    Hopefully someone from F-Secure will comment here in the morning, but if not, you may need to raise a Support Ticket as we can't deal with licensing issues in detail on the forum, for privacy and security reasons. 

  • Laksh
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    Hi Shern,


    In your case, as Simon has mentioned above, opening the support ticket is needed. Our support team will check your account and license information and advise further.

  • Shern
    Shern Posts: 4

    I have been on the chat today with support and there is nothing you can do unless you fancy deleting your whole account and starting again. This is a shame because I was really happy with SAFE until now. How difficult is it to accept that people's lives change? Family members move out, grow up, get their own cover?? It should be as easy as adding more licences is. I understand that if you tried to downgrade during the 1 year period it could be complicated and maybe would not  be allowed due to refund issues, which is exactly why I waited until the renew date. But there is nothing they can do for me. 


    Now to decide how to move forward with this. i think i might have to look into other security options. Its sneaky of them because i did the 5 licences when i bought it originally because there was a really good deal (and i needed them) but lets face it, good deals are never actually good deals are they? There is always a catch, this one being you cannot downgrade so to continue to be covered you have to pay for licences you don't need. 


    In case it's managed to pass anyone by; I am really unhappy with this outcome but am trying my best to be polite about it.

  • Simon
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    I have to admit, I'm surprised at this outcome, as I would have thought it should be just as easy to relicense with fewer devices, as it is with more. In my opinion, F-Secure need to look at this, as it seems rather a narrow thinking policy to assume customers needs don't change.

    They have offered a solution to delete the one account and start again with a new one. Bearing in mind you are at the renewal stage anyway, is this not an option for you?
  • Shern
    Shern Posts: 4
    Yes, It could be an option. I am going to give it some thought, have a look at other options, then make my decision. It's just frustrating because it's such a simple thing. Anyway I hope they take what I have to say into account and they make some good decisions to develop their product for future.
  • Chameni
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    Hello Shern,


    Thank you for taking the time to write to us.


    We apologized for any inconvenience caused and the misunderstanding about this issue. I completely understand how you feel about this, and I have checked your support case. I will send you a private message related to this.


    Thank you.

  • Hi

    I am having exactly the same issue. Was on the 5 lisences and at renewal do not seem to be able to change to 3  (was hoping to use the 2 year deal for this too).  I do not need 5 licenses and the deal for 2 years for 3  with 30% off was ideal for me. I have wasted a lot of time trying to sort this out by different methods - even tried removing the account but it would not let me do that either.  The chat times are not convenient to me being times I am not on any of my home computers so rather stuck. 


    I think my only option will be to look for another provider which is a shame as I've used f-secure for years happily - mainly using discs  - SO MUCH EASIER!


    Any help with this - gratefully recieved.



  • Laksh
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    Hi @Dispagetti,


    As mentioned above, this needs to be checked with Support. You may also call them directly in order to discuss about the SAFE renewal issue.

  • I have the same problem! I want to go from 5 licenses to 1. It is imposible, all i can do is renew all 5. I dont do it! Smiley Sad


  • Shern
    Shern Posts: 4
    In the end I chose to start a new account with a new email a few days early and let the old one run out without letting it auto renew.
    I was told there might be an option to allow it to run out completely, then on the same account to buy a new number of licences, I've not tried it but perhaps someone could give it a go? I guess you have to let it expire completely before you can do it?
    Why can't it let you change it and the program just say you have 'x' number of days before this change will come into effect, would that not be simple?
  • No. My licence have run out and all i can do is renew it, the same number of licence i had before.
    F-Secure - this is bad! Smiley Sad Fix it please.

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