Freedome will not turn on

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Ok I have really looked forward to a valued vpn from a reputable company such as f-secure, so I was really excited to try this freedome.


I have tried it about a month or 2 ago and had the same problem.

I contacted live support and also have exchange emails to fix it. They came to the conclusion after sending them diagnostic files that my system files were corrupt.

So I recently have installed a brand new hard drive and put windows on it from scratch and thought to try again with freedome, but alas, I am to have the same problem. It seems to install fine and when I go to click the big button <protection off> , nothing happens...then some minutes later I get a pop-up dialog stating to restart the computer to finish installing drivers. Which I have restarted several times and this does not seem to help ( this is the same problem I had had before getting a new drive and putting windows (10prox64) afresh on it). 

So I am wondering if any in the community here have had this issue and know of a work-around?freedome error.png


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    Hi nofreedomy,


    Based on your error message, there is an article here regarding the issue. Could you try the steps mentioned in the article?

  • nofreedomy
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    Thank you for the reply. I am currently trying out another product but I have bookmarked that page in case i attempt freedome again
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