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From time to time freedome simply locks.

It breaks my connection.

it stops being responsive. I click off button then and it won't turn on.

I try to restart still the same.

I have to restart computer to make it work again.

This issue was not seem before I was using it happily for quite some time but now it comes again and again. 


Also if I use hotspot on Android it wont work  as expected.



Nikola Mandic


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    Hello Pivopija,


    Do you see any error when the connection breaks? Did you recently installed some optimizing software?


    Note that tethering or sharing the connection as hotspot with Freedome on is not supported.

  • Pivopija
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    I do not know what could cause it.

    The thing that happenes is the following.

    At random times my connection breaks.

    Freedome starts reconnecting.

    I try to press off on.

    it stops at off and wont do anything(UI works except the button restarting UI does not help).

    I restart service and sometimes it works sometimes it does not.

    I would be helpfull if there was a feature to restart it promtly and responsivly completly.

    I hope that it is not my connection or something.

    But again even if it was it is not restarting but just stays fixed on OFF.

  • Pivopija
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    what is interesting is that once I restart PC it works. And I do not want to restart it each time.
    BTW the product is great I like it very much it just recently started doing this.
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