Just bought a new device but the subscription won't work

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Just got a new device and installed Freedome on it. Unfortunately the subscription doesn't seem to get activated on the new device. 


As I am retiring my 2 older devices I uninstalled Freedome on both of them, I presume that after a while the subscription will be active on my new device as well or is there anything more that I have to do? 


All devices are Android and the subscription is the annually renewable one. 


Thanks for a GREAT product! 





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    Hello AndySaab,


    Did you get your subscription from our e-store(multi platforms subscription) or from google playstore(app-store subscription).


    In the first case you can transfer the license as described here

    For an app-store subscription you will need to use the as google account on your new device and restore purchases.

  • AndySaab
    AndySaab Posts: 7 Observer



    I bought it from the Play Store and I cant find any "restore purchases" within Freedome or Android. The Google-account used to buy the license is active on my new phone.


    Any more ideas? Reinstall?

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