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My friend can't share his safe license with me since the system tells him that im already apart of a group so I wonder how I leave my group so that she can share the license to me? Or is there a better way of sharing licenses. 


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    Sorry for my reply.


    I think there can be next potential steps:


    --> Situation can be based on actions... that your friend have added you as part of group already (and trying to do it else one time).

    So... should be enough.. if you will go to use instructions under email-letter as invite-letter (if you have this). And to login with your account-information (mail and temporary password).

    Or re-use "forget password" for current email. Like account and re-check what will be there (if you not known password yet) - such as.. if you indeed part of group (or by whom) or not.


    Or there means.. that you can be part of another group already (like part of group, but another friend created it)?


    --> There anyway should be another step?! if your friend invite you for another email-address?

    You should be able to get invite. Just because it will be another account.


    Sorry for my reply!

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