License for 3 devices, but not work with iOS

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I have just bougt a license for 3 devices.

The one on PC (Windows 10) works.

Also on Android smart phone it works.


Now I have entered it also on my iPhone, but the Code is not accepted. Why?



  • Chameni
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    Hello GuPi,


    Welcome to our F-Secure community!


    Regards to your enquiry, refer below and revert back to us in order for us to check further :


    1) Is there any error message appeared when you entered the code? If yes, please provide the screenshot or the message.

    2) Which version iOS you are using and what version of Freedome you have installed?

    3) Have you installed Freedome before you purchased this new key, on your iOS device? Is yes, is the current key still active and running on the iOS?


    Thank you.

  • GuPi
    GuPi Posts: 2 New Member

    Hello Chameni,


    thank you very much for your message. Following the replies:

    1) there was simply the message that the Code is not accepted

    2) Freedome:

         iOS: 9.3.2

    3) yes, I have used it before on the iPhone in the past. Then, I thought I do not need it anymore and have
        removed it. Months later, I have re-installed it and it was just the test version which has been recognized. I have checked today, and it has now an expiration date in 3 months from now.

    Strange, I believe I have not changed anything there. So the good thing is that now it recognizes somehow my old abbonement, but why now and not before?


    Anyway, I guess now the question is what will happen if on my iPhone the old abbonement expires.

    Can I use then the new Code (3 licenses) as I am actually using on the PC and Android smart phone?

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