how do i activate my 5 unit product code


the instructions on my f-secure product code doesn't work they seem outdated the box says i should go to but that site isnt there


  • Simon
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    Assuming this is F-Secure SAFE, you need to register on the SAFE Portal, then I think you can go to Accounts and Payments within that portal, and you should see a link to enter a code.


    If this isn't F-Secure SAFE, then please let us know which product you are referring to.

  • Ukko
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    Also... in fact.. there should be re-direction (this is work with my browser about your link) to next link:



    When you registered there (under current link-url).

    WIth login.. you will be prompted to add your license-subscription-information (as activation step).


    Or can be work direct link for registration:

 ******-******-******-******  (where the "******-******-******-******" is your subscription-license).


    With other (F-Secure IS?!) possible can be same step. You able to get installer from "Downloads" under F-Secure web-site and will add subscription-license for installer-name (or by ask it?!).


    Sorry for reply.



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