I got single (1) licence instead of 3


My aim was to upgrade SAFE from 3 licences to 5. Somehow I succeeded to order a single licence which replaced the active 3 licences. How can I undo (cancel) this? Now 2 of my devices are uncovered (or at least don't receive updates?). And I was charged for this ridiculous "update", too. Help!


I can think of a couple of reasons why this happened: I've changed my email recently, so I changed my F-Secure user id respectively. Perhaps the system was confused because the 3 licences were renewed in February with one id, and I tried upgrade under another id. (I'm quite sure there's a  unique "system" user id, number or something, for users. The email address id is just for us humans for logging in.)


Another reason might be that I've ordered, and renewed, with a reduced special price for eg. members of certain associations. That might confuse the calculations when upgrading, where the remaining balance in my account (for the rest of the year) is less than it normally is.  But this is empty speculation. F-Secure people have probably better explanations. And tips for me how to do the upgrade properly for a special campaign price when I'm back again at square A with 3 active licences.


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    Thank you for the advice!


    To the Forum:

    I'm happy to tell you that a "master reset" was the correct solution. Cleverbridge (the people who handle payments for F-Secure) canceled my extra single (1) licence, and refunded payment. After that I had no valid subscription (no licences)! I decided to buy SAFE again, now for 5 licences. Accessing F-Secure shop via an association's site, and giving the correct coupon code, I got the special reduced campaign price I was aiming for. Then I just had to reconnect my devices to the new licences, which went smoothly and I'm protected again (with 1 additional device). BTW, reconnection was very fast as SAFE was already installed and databases were nearly uptodate.


    I have now only money matters to sort out. I would like to get a refund for the rest of my old renewed subscription (3 licences), as I now have a new 1 year subscription (5 licences) starting today. I'll sort this out through a Support Ticket.

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    Hello keksu49,


    Thank you for the update about this issue, for the Refund please do get in touch with the support agent via the support ticket.


    Have a nice day!

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