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My first post, apologies if posted in wrong board & it’s a bit long


OS is Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (all updates installed)


F-Secure SAFE 16.2

Antivirus 14.160 build 100


The following error message appears on start-up from time to time


“C:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile\desktop” or “User Profile Service failed the logon” & “User profile cannot be loaded” 


I don’t think it’s a corrupt user profile file, but have created a backup admin account just in case


Error first appeared January 2016 & it happened again once in March, April now May 2016


What is interesting & is the reason I’m posting here is:


Every time the User profile error occurs the following message also appears “Turn on F-Secure Search”


Even now when there is no start-up user profile error, a system tray MS Action Centre message appears, “Turn on F-Secure Search”


Yet F-Secure Search is definitely turned on in both browsers that I use???


If I wait about 5 to 10 minutes Status of Anti Virus by F-Secure automatically changes from Off to On????


Anyone experience or know about the above mentioned errors/issue(s)




  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Firstly, do you have any other security or anti virus software on the machine?


    If no to the above, then my suggestion would be to reinstall F-Secure and see if that rectifies things.  You can try a simple 'overlay' reinstall (where you reinstall on top of the existing program), but if that fails, or doesn't help, then you could try a full uninstall / reinstall.  


    If that doesn't help, then I think you will need to submit a support ticket, attaching a support tool file, so that the tech guys can take a proper look.  You can use the links below:


    Support Tool


    Support Ticket

  • papabear
    papabear Posts: 2 New Member

    Thank very much for the helpful reply Simon


    But I only have F-Secure AV installed


    I recorded all except February 2016 start-up user profile errors, so have exact time stamp for them


    Now just need to spend some time to see if I can identify what if any file or service updates/changes took place just before each start-up error

    Don’t see many clues in Event Viewer – it used to be very helpful in WXP


    What is strange is “Turn on F-Secure Search” message is appearing on every start–up event


    So it may not be related to the (only once a month)“User profile cannot be loaded” error/problem


    I’d find it unusual if I’m the only person who gets the “Turn on F-Secure Search” message on start-ups??


    W7 MS Action Centre Information entries are strange:


    E.g. the entry – Antivirus by F-Secure reports it is turned off, & it is definitely not turned off

    Then after about 5 to 10 minutes the Antivirus by F-Secure message disappears?????


    Anyhow, thanks for the suggestions & the links Simon, looks like I will probably need to use them??


    Regards Papabear

  • Ukko
    Ukko Posts: 3,634 Superuser



    Some time I also get same situations with F-Secure installation.


    I mean next:


    --> Some of load for system (mainly first ones after installation or not so often.. as possible to get reason) comes with delay for normal load.


    As result system loaded under "temporary" profile.

    Before this or "as re-place it" .... I get notification about ""User Profile Service failed the logon” & “User profile cannot be loaded” "" (or something related with this).


    --> This is potential (and explanation) for F-Secure Search (Turn On prompt).


    Current prompt will be created for each first visit/load/launch under profile.


    Such as if you have two accounts (your and other). You did installation under your profile (account as main account for system). Configure it. Also this is mean: turn on F-Secure Search or do not turn on it  (and prompts did not created after that).

    You launch your other account (restricted as example) and should to get prompt about same ask. F-Secure Search for current profile.


    Also.. this is will be re-created - if you re-change your main browser.

    Supported three: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox.

    If you change it from one to another... prompt should be triggered. Notification should to explain a reason.


    ---> My experience was about Windows 8/Windows 8.1 - When system is loaded as temporary account (this is possible.. when "User Profile Service failed the logon” & “User profile cannot be loaded”  comes)..... prompt about F-Secure Search (turn on as activate for current profile) most likely will be triggered.


    And potentially with any of troubles to load your profile/account under system normally.. able to trigger current prompt.


    This was about "Turn On F-Secure Search" prompt. Also previously there was possible to re-get prompt if you do not install extension, but choose it as "just search provider" (not denied and not installed extension for F-Secure Search).

    With my experience... after some of time... I did not get this by any of steps (maybe random).





    What about ""Antivirus by F-Secure reports it is turned off"".

    And ""Then after about 5 to 10 minutes the Antivirus by F-Secure message disappears"".


    I can to feel that this possible, when your system have overload at launch.

    And there can be some of ask-points:


    --> Does you launch system each day (?!). Potentially... if you load it time-to-time... with your launch.. can be goes to downloading a lot of updates (which usually downloaded day-by-day). As result.. some kind of  "stuck" about. With my experience long time as... F-Secure did not think about this as reason for "turned off"-status, but able to trigger "outdated prompt".


    --> If you have other software, which able to load/usage CPU/drive/network. Most likely.. F-Secure can to get some of "delay for normal time launch", "time-out for launch processes" or other... and as result F-Secure created notification during overload/hard-system use. And notification goes be missing.. when F-Secure re-check situation or simply overload is end.


    During overload.. F-Secure can to miss some of checks... and start think.. that there something wrong. But more often as system start to think that F-Secure not responsive (or something same) and get notification.

    My experience about "one" system and last days - that system do not met this.


    But previous experience about outdated machines (slow hardware, outdated systems) and hard configurations (and some software at launch) will create time to time same result.


    My experience about troubles was about next trouble-points: outdated machines during Google Chrome update/upgrade. This is usually goes to get so many memory/CPU/drive-usage and other... that possible hard to use system. If I will try to use F-Secure during this time (or same)... F-Secure triggered notification about "turned off/disabled/malfunction or other hard prompts".... temporary. When overload for system goes to be missing.. F-Secure works fine.


    MBAM (as security software after some upgrades and about network usage). This is goes to create total stuck for my systems with any of variants. And F-Secure did not work normally... as too much always temporary notifications about "turned off and other" (I think about time-out by hook/prevention by MBAM or high-usage resources with same time). I did not use this kind of "double" MBAM/F-Secure or something same.. so I not check if this is still with same result or not.  There also was other software, but this is so differently.. that I not sure that can be explanation. As something more.... as system resources not enough for normal work of F-Secure (also get this time to time with Windows 7 nettop with not high hardware. And some of Sony background services , Aero or some of other things - but current machine and system I did not use too much often - so not check it more).


    Sorry for my reply.


    Just as my feedback about your words and my experience (about potential same or around this).



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