Purchased Freedome Subscr. Code (5 devices) and stuck forever "Could not verify code"!!! :-(

I prolonged my membership and recieved a new Freedome Subscription Code (5 devices). When I enter it in the Mac desktop app, I am stuck forever in "Could not verify code. Please try again later."


F-Secure Support: What would you do if that happens to you?


Thanks for advice.

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  • macadelicmacadelic Posts: 16

    Could someone from F-Secure please look into this and offer a solution? THat would be wonderfil.

    Or anybody else who solved the problem. 

    I would sooooo much like to continue using FreeDome!

  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Macadelic, 


    Could you confirm how many days you have left on your previous subscription?
    Also which kind of subscription was in use(App-store or multiplatforms)?


    Finally do you have this messages on all your devices?


  • macadelicmacadelic Posts: 16

    45 days left. I only checked this on my Mac, not on iOS.


    I purchased the new code directly from F-Secure because I received an email that suggested renewal.

    But I also have a subscription running on iOS via the AppStore.

    As Freedome does not show me where its subscription comes from this is very confusing. I believe I do have the previous F-Secure code only on the desktop and the iOS APple Store subscription only on iOS.


    It is my goal now to

    1. enter the new code on my 2 desktop Mac devices (they say "Could not verify code") 


    2. stop the Apple Store subscription and enter  the code on my 3 iOS devices.

    = 5 devices total (what I paid for).


    How do I proceed now to reach these 2 goals? Many thanks for your help.



  • macadelicmacadelic Posts: 16
    F-Secure: Help needed!
  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Macadelic, 


    You cannot stack multi-platforms subscription codes and therefore on your Mac you won't be able to enter the new code if you have many days left before expiry (45 days). 


    On the IOS you will have to wait the complete expiry of the app-store licence plus an additional grace period demanded by this type of subscription. That the grace period is 3 days for monthly app store subscriptions and 7 days for annual app store subscriptions.Note that Freedome should be working during this period.

  • macadelicmacadelic Posts: 16
    Thank you for your quick reply, very helpful Smiley Happy

    Now I read it carefully but are not yet sure what to do. Well, F-Secure emailed me about my upcoming expiry with a call to action to buy the new code. And I did.
    Does it mean although I was asked to buy it it was to early?

    So does it mean to simply wait until each divide naturally expires and then enter the new code? If yes then the error message "Could not verify code" is pretty misleading and should be renamed by your developers ;-)

    Simple drop me a new short message what to do now.
    Again, many thanks. And I guess then we are done!
  • macadelicmacadelic Posts: 16


  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hi macadelic, 


    The renewal emails should be sent only to people whose license is expiring within the next two weeks. No other Freedome emails should have been sent lately. 


    You can indeed wait the expiry of the current licenses before entering the new one.


    The error received is a generic one and might not reflect the actual problem in this case.

    I forwarded your feedback to the Freedome team.

  • macadelicmacadelic Posts: 16
    Interesting. Not two weeks in my case. The email from F-Secure arrived May 4, and today the subscription is active for 42 more days. So at that time it was almost 2 months before expiry.

    So I wait. And I can safely delete my iOS subscriptions, because the new 5 device code bought through F-Secure is also valid there?
  • macadelicmacadelic Posts: 16
    If I have that final question answered, I will click "accept as solution" (also in the interest of other users).
  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Macadelic, 


    Did you manage to enter and validate your new code on your Macs? 
    You will need to input the code also on your IOS devices once the app-store subscription and grace period are over.

  • macadelicmacadelic Posts: 16

    I have the misleading error code "Could not verify code" and you told me to wait until my current subscription (Mac) ends, and to cancel my iOS subscriotions in order to ente rthe code when they are all expired. Correct?

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