Browser Protection is not give sign on the side of Google Search result.

Hello. I am a register user of F-Secure Internet Security 2011. Usually, when I search something from Google, F-SIS always give a sign on the left side of each resulted site whether the site is safe or dangerous. A few days ago, my nephew use my notebook and it seems he installed many softwares. And then the warning is disappeared from the search result of Google whether the sites are safe or not. I tried to make it appear again thru the setting. But it failed. So, the question is how to enable it again? TIA for the guidance.


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    Hi Yon,


    Could you please quickly check which browser and browser version you use?


    The version information is usually hidden in the browsers menu under help -> About.


    Best regards,


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    everything is OK, Firefox released an update, which i not yet supported by F-Secure. It will be back in a few days. If you want to test the release candidate please read this thread:





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    Thanks, Mr. Matthias. I'll wait for the final release. Sorry, I can't participate in a beta testing. I'm only a newbie, not a geek or techy. According some experts, never install beta softwares since they maybe have bug(s) and risky for the system.
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    Uh, just registered again in this forum... I'll be back!


    We are also waiting for the release of the FF5 compatible Plugin. I'll test the beta...

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    BP 1.10 was released this afternoon. Thank to everyone who took time in testing.


    ChannelUpdate: F-Secure Browsing Protection SW Update 2011-07-12_1


    from "About":

    F-Secure Browsing Protection/SW 1.10 build 5617
    F-Secure Browsing Protection/ES 1.10 build 1039


    This version is for FF 5.*


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