Problem installing Updates


Windows 7, F-Secure Intenet Security latest version.

A few days ago I upgraded F-Secure Internet Security. After Reboot the Windows Taskbar showed me 2 Problem. Both were: Antivirus F-Secure update (important). I did, nothing happended. Open F-Secure it shows: Written in red, a great X"Ihr Computer ist nicht geschützt", your computer is not safe. Last update today 19:52.

clicking "Tools", details it shows Hydra, Aquarius, Gemini and DeepGuard are not installed.

When I try to search manual for Updates, it says Everything is fine. But Windows and F-Secure Startscreen say NO. The last successful update was  04.05.2016 Safe Search. What should I do? 


Thanks for your help.





  • streckerinchen
    streckerinchen Posts: 2 New Member

    Thank you so much, Simon.


    Reboot was already done a few times, Windows update was up to date.


    The Tools solved my problem. Everything works fine now, it's green! Smiley Very Happy


    Thank you


    Kisses and bye bye  


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