Re: Adapt User Interface of F-Secure IS to the one of Clean-Up Tool or Freedom

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Clean Up Tool in FSIS 2016 doesn't work. I have to go to AppData/Local/F-Secure/stubdl/fasdart.exe and double click on that file. The tool then works. Uninstall / reinstall / operating as administrator don't work - the tool refuses to function directly from the UI.

Any remedies known? If yes you're welcome to send 'em to

General comment: F-S works far better than my old AVG and doesn'tbombard me with sales attempts.


Dave Jacques.


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    You could try renaming the existing fsdart.exe to a different name and see if that helps. What the GUI button does is it checks if that is the latest version (if not, download latest) and then launches it, so something there must go wrong.



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