Administrator profile lost


I ran the booster and the 1-click booster programs several times with great success. Very recently my finance program informed me of an update being available. The installation failed. The help forum sent me a version for manual installation. The download was ok but the installaltion failed again.Installation was to be made via administrator opening. Then I discoverdered that the users/administrator file holder existed but without contents, plain empty! No administrator = no installation.

Could it happen that f-secure booster by cleaning the registry made a mistke and cleared the administrator profile? I don't want to accuse the program to be faulty but since the loss of administrator profile the whole computer works very erratic. For non-experts the registry is sacrosanct and by no means to be interfered with. Hence I am completely lost!

Thank you for help Upgrader.

PS. I am using windows 7 home premium, f-secure safe, f-secure booster and f-secure 1-click booster and also the booster platform (service provider) without knowing what that does! The memory is a nominal 4 GB and a little small for my needs.

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