Browsing Protection By F-Secure 2.160.3975 makes Google Calendar freeze

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I'm a subscriber on F-Secure SAFE. I've had severe problems with Google Calendar loosin all possibilities to add/edit calendar posts and also Google Drive in which I wasn't able to edit the Excels i have there.


I'm using Firefox 46.0. W7 with all M$-patches.


I Deactivated all add ons in Firefox. Then i got Google to work as it should. I was suddenly able to use the calendar as a calendar should be used.

After this i started to activate the add ons. One after another.. When i activated Browsing Protection By F-Secure 2.160.3975 Google Calendar went bananas.


I ca. reproduce this as many times i like. The sad part in this is that this add on, Browsing Protection By F-Secure 2.160.3975 activates itself..


Has anyone seen this? Is there som work going on to sort this out.. As i mentioned I started a subscription some weeks ago, and it kind of sucks to get this problem. The funny thing is that i had a free subscription some three months before the sub, and didn't have any problems what so ever during this period.. Everything started a couple of weeks ago..


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Roger Waara, Sweden.,


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  • Simon
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    I think you can turn Browsing Protection off by going into the main F-Secure UI, then open the Browsing Protection module, and simply switch it off in the top right hand corner.  Not sure, but you may also need to remove it from your Firefox Add-Ons, as simply turning it off may not actually uninstall it from the browser.


    Once you have done that, my suggestion would be to send in a Support Ticket with an FSDIAG file from the Support Tool, so that the tech guys can have a look at your system.  I guess it may be wise to take an FSDIAG before and after disabling Browsing Protection, but I'm not 100% sure if that is necessary, as they may be able to see the history of events anyway.  

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