malware on facebook


This is new to me and very frustrating.  Everyime I try to log into my Facebook page, I keep getting this message that my computer needs to be cleaned.  I click on the download, "did not request service", it begins the process to download but for hours on hours it goes no further....I have'nt been able to get into my Facebook account for 2 days now and I'm totlaly pissed now.   While it supposably is downloading, there is a message saying that I can go into my Facebook and they will send me a notice when it's done.  The only link I can click on is "log off", when I click on that, it want's me to log back in.  When I try to log in, it's telling me that my user name "email account" belongs to someone else.  When I am permitted to use my name instead, it sends me a link to reset my password.  I've done this process several time and each time I try to log in with my new password, it doesn't recognize my password.  How do I get this thing off my computer so I can get back into my Facebook??


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