How long does it take to upgrade from 5 to 7 devices?



Maybe I'm too impatient, but how long does it actually take from the payment until I have the two additional licences in use? I had subscription for 5 devices and I upgraded it to 7 devices (and paid instantly).


Invoice says that "we have received your online payment" and "unless told otherwise, the delivery date is same as invoice date" (rough translations from finnish). And invoice date was Friday 28.4.2016 (two days ago).

This is interesting though. It says that subscription is 12 months, 7 devices. However, current number of devices is 5 and licences left is 0.





  • Chameni
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    Hello tkuhan,


    Sorry to know about this issue, I have highlighted this to the support team in order for them to check on your account. I have sent you a private message about this. Please check and revert back.


    Thank you.

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