SAFE makes SD card reading really slow


Reading SD card gets very slow in Lightroom 4 (OS X 10.11.4) when online checking ('käytönaikainen tarkistus') is on. Normally card content is read in about 10 sec, with SAFE on it takes 5-12 minutes.


Does anybody know if a fix is coming?


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    while this does not sound like normal behaviour our product does tend to take a "better safe than sorry" approach to content on external media, and sometimes this triggers a noticable performance penalty, in which case I recommend you temporarily disable real-time scanning when reading large amounts of files off trusted media (e.g. an SD card that you only use for your camera).


    That said, performance is a continuous process and we aim to make performance improvements in every release, but since I don't know the specifics of your environment I can't say for certain whether any of our upcoming improvements will affect your particular use case.


    If you want, you can submit a support request here: – our customer care staff may be able to find a workaround for your situation and they can also follow up with us in R&D so that we can try to cover your workflow in future performance improvements.


    Hope this helps!


     – Rasmus, SAFE for Mac R&D team

    Rasmus Sten

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