F-Secure internet security through isp, CenturyLink

Thank you in advance!

I have had F-Secure internet security 'free, through my ISP, CenturyLink, for several years.

They have switched to Norton, which I do not wish to have.

I desire to obtain a paid version for pc and laptop....

..How do I proceed...

Do I uninstall what I currently have on the pc, first?


Can I install over the F-Secure Internet security that is currently on my pc?

(My laptop would be a new install, wiped, I am just beginning to set it up)


Both machines are 64 bit, Windows 7 Professional.

On the pc currently, I have: Malwarebytes free and anti exploit, Spywareblaster, and the CenturyLink Online security which is F-Secure Internet Security.


Pls. advise. 

Gratitude and Best Regards!


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,676 Superuser

    Personally, I would advise to remove the current F-Secure installation and proceed 'as new' with the product you purchase.  Assuming this will be F-Secure SAFE, you will need to register on the SAFE Portal, then you can make your purchase, and install from that portal.


    I would also recommend that you remove Spywareblaster from the PC before proceeding with the F-Secure installation, as I believe the two may cause a conflict.  Malwarebytes, however, is known to be compatible with FS, so that should be OK.

  • Chameni
    Chameni Posts: 235 F-Secure Employee



    Hi Liz6,


    Welcome to our Community and thank you for your interest on our Product.


    You can do as suggested by @Simon and revert back if need further assistance.


    Thank you.

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