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I recently renewed my F-Secure (now F-Secure SAFE; before only F-secure antivirus). It had expired. Before I renewed I had already a problem witch I still have. This morning I thought I got rid of the problem. But it is back again: The problem comes up when I want to read articles of newspapers (Volkskrant and NRC). When I click an article a new window opens up with the article. In the text many words are altered in blue and bold and prove to be links to an other site.

If I move my mouse over these bold letters a small text appears:"click to continue > by Deal Top". If I click I get a new window:


There they ask me to fill in my mobile phone number. I do not suppose this is the itention of my newspapers!

Further: in the same article windows in the right down corner I have nasty advertising, witch I can click away sometimes, but on the bottom has the  Dutch text: "Gebracht door offerz4U" (= brought by offerz4U).

I work on a MacBook Pro, OS X El Capitan, version 10.11.4. 

I hope this is enough information.

And I hope You can help me !!!




  • Simon
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    Sorry, post removed.  I missed that you're working on a Mac, and my suggestions related to Windows.

  • Chameni
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    Hello Lorca,


    Are you seeing any pop ups on your screen now? Because if this is from Offerz4u this might be an adware program has been installed and you might see various kinds of advertisement. Please search using Finder for any malicious file that related to Offerzu on your MAC, if you are able to see please delete or move this to trash bin.This kind of adware will affect your online browsing and system's performance.

    You can try below steps :

    Step 1. Uninstall or remove/ Delete the app or files related to this Adware
    Step 2. Check your Browser settings and remove all suspicious plug-ins, toolbars, add-ons, extensions from Internet Explorer/Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox/Safari
    Step 3. Run a scan using your Safe for MAC.

    Please try and revert back if you need further assistance.


    Thank you.

  • Lorca
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    sorry, I already did several runs with F-secure SAFE. Further this would cost me hours of work, not to speak of the mistakes I could make.

    In the meantime I found the solution: downloaded Malwarebyte-free and 1 run was enough to deleed 10 or more malware/adware 'programs'.

    Shame on F-secure SAFE. SAFE ?????

    Is F-Secure SAFE interested? I made screendumps of the overview Malwarebyte-free made after finding the malware/adware.

    Thanks for Your attempt.

    Greetings, Lorca.

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