FS Protection PC Release 163

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This release contains following applications that combined make the FS Protection PC product:
  • Common Component Framework 2.63.271
  • Antivirus 14.163.100
  • Browsing protection 2.163 build 4066


New features


  • Upgrade is saved to event history with a link to upgrade message. The next upgrade after this will no longer prompt for approval.
  • User identification during installation changed. You may see slightly changed flow when doing a new installation from FS Protection portal.

Browsing Protection:

  • Browser block page has now category icon(s) and description(s) if blocking was done because of category content filtering.

Fixed issues


  • Unnecessary debug folder created to disk (CTS-97602)
  • Universal System Scanner update keeps reinstalling (CTS-97631)
  • Installation may fail on non-English Windows 10 (CTS-97613)


  • Virus infection real-time detection prompt action choices changed for improved consistency (CTS-97465)
  • Help now opens on correct page when opened from Tools or Statistics tabs of Main GUI (CTS-97622)
  • Scanning report title Russian localization error fixed (CTS-96573)

Browsing Protection:

  • Firefox Browsing Protection extension prevents several Google services (CTS-97532). Full fix, now also Google Calendar fully supported.


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  • fs-seppo
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    We released an extra point release to TP163 to enable further testing on the Common Component Framework feature released in last TP. Common Component Framework was upgraded to 2.63.272 and a flyer should be shown and a message permanently stored in event history.


    F-Secure R&D, Desktop products

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply.


    // later added - probably forget to say - this is about Windows 10 Internet Explorer. Did not check with other browsers/systems //


    but does it possible that something "not nice" with BP-extensions, BP-feature or re-designed with Security Cloud?

    Not sure about TP (I upgraded just today and for next "today-TP-additional" briefly too) and maybe this is happened with CCF-update, but:


    --> I goes to check feature about:


    """""Browser block page has now category picture(s) and description(s) if blocking was done because of category content filtering.""""


    When I choose link from (F-Secure Search results) with unknown rating ("Unknown content" checked under Content blocker), where was picture (not restricted, but "unknown" in fact).... happened BSOD (BAD_POOL_Caller). Maybe randomly.


    I restart system and goes to-recheck. BSOD not happened, but any of features like blocking malicious pages, content blocker (and maybe related other, which based on extension and on something else - because banking protection will create flyer, but do not blocking any of connection) not working.


    I able to open malicious, suspicious page. And content blocker do not work. Like "blocking-features" of Browsing Protection (do not work) and not work "search-results pictures" for HTTPS.


    THERE one funny point: Statistics-page under Browsing Protection will increase "potential" malicious pages as blocked. But in fact... page not blocked (notification list also with missing string about it).


    I reinstalled extension (restart system) - situation is same.

    Also.. Security cloud (just as words) with not connected status (last days.. it was connected more stable, than before).


    I created report, but decided to ask there too.







  • Simon
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    Saw the flyer this evening - cool!  thumb.gif


    Just a couple of questions:


    1.  If there is no longer going to be a prompt before the product upgrades, what would happen if a user didn't realise the upgrade was taking place, and switched off their machine half way through it?  Would that mess up the installation, or cause problems next time the user started their machine?  I'm mentioning this because I quite often only switch my desktop on for a few minutes, so this may be likely to occur.


    2.  Some users may on occasions prefer to postpone a product upgrade from the previous prompt.  Will there be an option to disable the auto-upgrades, and still have a manual prompt?

  • Ville
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    Hi @Simon


    1. This is no different from maintenance releases that we already ship now. They install completely silently without informing user. They are using Windows Installer service that should handle reboots properly. Should. :)


    2. There will be no option to get prompt for upgrade. Think this as a natural extension of virus database updates that flow in constantly. Instead of applying only to databases, it now applies to the whole product.


    We are very interested to hear how these new upgrades work from beta users. The main functionality is done, but there may be some tweaks to the texts and graphics.



    (F-Secure R&D)



    F-Secure R&D, Desktop products

  • Lord_Ami
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    I'm all in for silent, automatic product updates. That new flyer came as a little surprise :)

    So far, nothing to complain. Since I'm testing FS against malware, I have some questions regarding DeepGuard but I think this is not a proper thread to discuss it.

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