Dozens of "Windows Security Center Support Module (32-bit)" processes freeze my 64-bit Windows-10 l


I upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and F-Secure SAFE started working normally after the upgrading; I was able to make virus checking with it. But soon my laptop became extremely slow, so that it takes more than ten seconds to write a single word, and it takes several minutes to start an application. I searched for the reason with Task manager, which displays about 60  "Windows Security Center Support Module (32-bit)" processes, each of which take about 0,4 MB of RAM, and about  60  "Console Windows host" prcesses, each of which take about 0,1 MB of RAM. Because "Windows Security Center Support Module" is downloadable from F-Securelta, I ask for your assistance  One symptom: it takes a couple of minutes to shut down the laptop. Another symptom: sometimes the laptop starts working normally without any clear reason (but lately less often). One more symptom: even though the my laptop had the 64-bit Windows 7, and now has the 64-bit Windows 10, the 60 processes are "Windows Security Center Support Module (32-bit)". One more symptom: when the laptop practically stops working, the processor "curve" of Task Manager shows a constant 43-percent line (instead of varying activity between 0 and 100 percent). 
So my questions are: 
(1) What should I do to make my Win10 laptop run normall?
(2) If there is no cure, should I uninstall F-Secure SAFE and then re-install it?
(3) Or, is there a another trick shich might help?  For example, should I dosnload from the "Windows Security Center Support Module" and install it as a 64-bit version?
(4) I have turned off Microsoftin Windows Defender.I would have unsinstalled it (just in case it is the source of trouble), but I could not find a way how to uninstall it. The reason why I ask is because when the laptop has frozen completely, I've got error messages, something like "Windows Defender not working" or "F-Secure not working". So, should I trim Windows Defender somehow?


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    Hi Pärnänen,


    Regards to this issue, we have checked on this and it is recommended to open a ticket with our support in order to check further on this. You may open the support ticket as mentioned here. Please include any screenshot and Fsdiag log for investigation.


    Thank you.

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