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I'm a beginner in these things so a few questions:

1) I have understood that there is no need for anti virus software in iPad and iPhone devices. Is this due the fact that these devices will not be able to install any application other than AppStore applications? And because of this there is no way a virus can come into iPad/iPhone?


2) If the answer to question number 1 is YES, is it possible to surf the internet with iPad/iPhone without the fear of viruses?


3) If the answer to question number 2 is NO, what is the problem? What can happen if you surf into a harmful website with iPad/iPhone?


4) Suppose you install F-Secure Freedom into iPad/iPhone. After that is there anymore need for F-Secure Safe in these devices?


5) F-Secure Safe seems to act in iPad/iPhone as a secure browser (Safari is recommended to uninstall). If you have F-Secure Safe in the tablet/phone, is there any more need for F-Secure Search in that device?


6) Does F-Secure Safe act as a secure browser also in Windows PC-machines? If you have F-Secure Safe in a Windows machine is there any sense to use other browsers in that machine (for example Chrome or IE)?


7) Suppose you have F-Secure Safe in a Windows PC-machine. Is there any more need for F-Secure Internet Security / Anti-Virus or Online Scanner products in that machine? What is the difference between these F-Secure products?


I hope someone can help me with these. Thanks a lot.



  • Simon
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    Not being an Apple user, I can only offer an opinion on the last couple of questions.

    6) F-Secure SAFE does not offer a SECURE browser, as such. The SAFE Search feature offers verification that websites searched using SAFE Search are not malicious or phishing websites, and F-Secure itself should block any such websites if you try to visit them.

    7) F-Secure SAFE contains F-Secure Internet Security. They are essentially the same product, but the SAFE product offers the facility to manage licenses for multiple products under the same roof. You can't have more than one anti virus product on one machine, so you can't, say, have Internet Security and Anti Virus as separate programs .
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