Constant high network traffic when Freedome is on

Is it normal that Freedome causes constant high network traffic?

When the protection is off there is almost no traffic but when I turn it on Task Manager Performance tab shows about 56/256 kbps (send/received) traffic for Freedome TAP driver and 128/264 kbps for my LAN adapter.


The reason I am asking is that this happens only on one computer - I have tested Freedome on many computers and have never seen this happening before.


Product & platform details :

Desktop PC

Windows 10 Pro

Freedome version 1.4.3038.0


  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Hello Gunnari,


    Do you have any application on this computer that would explain this kind of constant traffic?


    The overhead traffic from Freedome should be very limited.

  • GunnariGunnari Posts: 4

    Thanks for your answer.



    This is really weird: the traffic stopped the next day after writing about this issue - it had been on for at least a few weeks. Although I am glad that the issue resoveld itself miraculously this seems even a bit too convenient.


    So went to check the computer for software based threats. Neither BitDefender or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware found no viruses or spyware and all running processes seem to be ok according to the Virus Total column of Sysinternals Process Exlporer.


    What do you think, should I be concerned about some more elaborated malware or can anyone come up with a natural explanation for weeks of stable high traffic (that disappears after writing about it on a security forum)? In case this computer really is infected by something that can hide from the aforementioned antivirus solutions I would really appreciate any ideas about what to do next.

  • GunnariGunnari Posts: 4

    Looking more into the issue it seems that most of the traffic is actually caused by ProductAgentService.exe and bdwtxag.exe - both are BitDefender processes. The traffic happens between IPv4 Address of FreedomeVPNConnection and (BitDefender's Romanian server).


    But why does this happen only when Freedome is on? This is very consistent: turn Freedome on and the traffic starts, turn it off and it stops.

  • BenBen Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    As you mentioned, it looks like Bitdefender is somehow at the origin of the traffic. I would advise to investigate in this direction. 

  • GunnariGunnari Posts: 4

    I intend to do so. It seems to be a "feature" since the same thing happens on another computer as well. So lets see what BitDefender support says.


    Meantime if someone has an idea why this happens only with Freedome on please let us know.

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