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Even though I restart the browser, the Banking Protection Active, does not allow me to view some general sites. It says allow, but it does not react. Also, like someone wrote previously wrote, I was in the middle of a transaction and could not complete it because 'Banking Protection is Active' came up again.

Today I got a fraud alert on my credit card.  Not only does F-secure not work, it makes accessing normal websites impossible.


I do not know if this is related, but my Outlook messages were totally empty. When I sign into hotmail, I just get an empty Outlook. Can anyone give me advice on getting back my Outlook messages??




  • Simon
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    When Banking Protection is active in one window, I think I am correct in saying that it will stay 'active' as long as the window containing the site which triggered it remains open.  But, you only need to hover your mouse over the hidden banner at the top of the screen, which will bring the banner down, then you can click End to close Banking Protection. 


    With regards Outlook, sorry, I can't really help there - unless your Banking Protection was still active in another window, and may have been preventing you from logging in?  Just a guess.

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