Freedome "could not verify your account"

OttoKässi Posts: 3 New Member

I ran into a problem with Freedome for iPad (iPad2 running the latest version of iOS and the latest Freedome). 


I recently had to delete and reinstall Freedome from my iPad, and now it does not accept my subscription code. I have a subscription for three devices, and -- to best of my understanding -- only two of them are in use. 


It seems that other Ipad users have ran into a similar problem (e.g., but I could not find a solution for my problem in F-Secure's web forums. 


I am grateful for all info! :) 





  • OttoKässi
    OttoKässi Posts: 3 New Member
    OP here -- any tips F-Secure?
  • OttoKässi
    OttoKässi Posts: 3 New Member

    I should also note that I am not prompted to transfer my license as this article would suggest

  • VK-73
    VK-73 Posts: 5 Explorer

    I've got the same issue.  I am consolidating licenes that were separate onto one multi-device sub.


    I managed to install on an Android Tablet and a W10 PC, but it isn't working on any of my apple devices.

    They all had previous subscriptions on, but I can't get the next subscription to work, I keep getting the could not verify account message/

  • Chameni
    Chameni Posts: 234 F-Secure Employee


    Hello VK-73,


    On your iOS device, do you still have more than a month subscription on it? If yes, that will not accept the new code now and you need to enter the code when it is nearing the expiry date.


    Please check and revert back.


    Thank you.

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