Internet Security 2012 Service Release 1

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We just published the Internet Security 2012 Service Release 1.


All customers who have a Internet Security 2012 copy installed will receive the update automatically.


After installation you will be prompted to reboot.


Details and Release Notes are available here.


Best regards,



  • flogger

    Thanks! Love this fix. 


    *IE crashed when window was closed (CTS-82554)

  • Rusli
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    Congrats for the AV-TEST best award for F-Secure. Keep up the good work F-Secure!!!

  • BigPete
    BigPete Posts: 42 Observer

    I have yet to receive this service release (i.e. I have not been prompted to reboot computer). Is it being tested? 


    I'm running XP SP3 & IS 2012.

  • pianista
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    Hi all,

    I installed the 2012 FIS today in the fresh system (Windows 7), after reinstallation. Updated the program, restarted the computer and you have not got any information with a request to restart the computer. How do I know if I have Service Release?



  • amjad
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    Congratulations for the best award 

    EURASIER Posts: 3



    How I may check this upgrade has been done properly?


    What I've found (screen capture) :



  • Kotte
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    I'm also hesitant as to if I have received this automatic update. Is there a way to check? If one hasn't received it, is there a way to manually activate the download and update? I'm Using Win7 64-bit and IS 2012 (swedish if that would matter).

  • BigPete
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    If Service Release for Internet Security 2012 has not downloaded automatically, try this:


    (1) Double-click on F-Secure icon in task tray


    (2) Click "Online Safety"


    (3) Click "Tasks"


    (4) Click "Check for Updates"


    This is the ONLY WAY I could get the service release to download on my machine (I'm running XP SP3 & Internet Security 2012).

  • etomcat
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    Hello, If a person is still running FSAV 2011 or FSIS 2011, I think they have not yet been offered the on-screen option to "automagically" upgrade their software to the 2012 version for free, the same way it happened in the previous year.


    Please tell us when will this happen?

  • Skuggan
    Skuggan Posts: 25


    I just got the automatic upgrade to FSIS 2012, but the installation have failed and says its upgrading...but its not.

    I've rebooted several times now, the only protections I have at the moment is online safety and computer security.

    Pretty frustrating, what should I do?

  • warriorfullight
    warriorfullight Posts: 23 Observer

    Same case. I am thinking of leaving it for a while and wait for another update and use it instead. image

  • Skuggan
    Skuggan Posts: 25


    Really no answer to this?

    It's still stuck in "Upgrading..."


    Any reply? Any word? Any tips? Anything??

  • Siltanen
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    Hi Skuggan,


    Please take an FSDIAG from the problematic computer and submit a request to our support:

    Creating an FSDIAG file:

    Contacting support:

  • Skuggan
    Skuggan Posts: 25


    Hi, thanks but I eventually had to uninstall the program and install it from scratch again, just annoying because I lost all the settings I had.

  • theleo
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    nice work

  • Robo4o
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    I Got this update but got stuck during setup with remove conflicting security product:






    However, it does not tell WHICH security product is conflicting.


    Assuming it was in conflict with itself, I rebooted the PC, but at startup, windows detected a huge amount of filesystem errors, of which some were definitely fsecure related files. Many files were removed during the automatic chkdsk during startup. I do fear multiple programs were affected by this. Forinstance Outlook does not run anymore.


     update 13/8:

     - no luck on de-installing and re-installing (only the control panel can be de-installed, the virus sanner cannot!!!)

    - no luck on stopping services prior to install / update

    - running the original installable fails the same, 'cos it starts by downloading this update.

    - I did not find any reference to "2012" in Internet Security; it may be that I have FSIS 2011 (neither 2011 is mentioned anywhere)

    - No luck in finding THE conflicting security product

    - I am running Windows Vista 32-bit

    - FSIS is offered to me by my internet provider XS4ALL. I haven't contacted them yet, as this is an F-Secure issue, imo.


  • Robo4o
    Robo4o Posts: 5

    In response to my previous posting,


    The issue with "conflicting security product" has been identified as an F-Secure updater problem

    It is possible that  I have some OEM version as supplied by/for my ISP, where the updater could not cope with.

    The issue that worried me the most (the huge amount of filesystem errors upon restart) is uncleared, but not important anymore as I don't seem to miss any important files, and it has't re-occurred anymore. The system seems stable.



  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi Rob,


    That indicate that the installer is not accepting your subscription key. Kindly refer Gary's reply to your issue.


    Best Regards,

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