Not able to login to Santander bank


As Above please can you help,I have reported it to Virgin and Santander but unable to fix.


I have not been able to log on to Santander bank now for over a week,If i turn off my router and virgin conect me through just modem it works,I tried the Natwest bank and i can log in to that bank no problem,I have tried turning F/Secure off but i still have the same problem,Please can you advise,Thanks David Wild.


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  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser
    From what you have said, it doesn't immediately sound like an issue with F-Secure, if, as you say, the problem still exists when you turn off all protection in F-Secure. But, I'm not saying for certain that it isn't.

    Assuming this is on a PC, have you tried another browser, or clearing the cookies and cache in your existing browser? Also, are you trying to log in from a Bookmark (Favourite) link, and could that link possibly have changed?
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