How do I delete the browser protection extension in Firefox?

The extension "Browsing Protection" is interfering with Google Keep and Google Calendar.  If I disable the extension all is fine.  But each time I open the Firefox browser it is re-enabled and thus I have problems with Googles Keep and Calendar. 

I wish to remove the exctension, but there is no way withing Firefox to do that.

I am not having this problem when using Chrome.


The extension is Browser Protection by F-Secure 2.160.3975, update April 4,2016. 

Running Windows 7,  Browser Firefox 38.7.1

The problem started after the last update in April.  Before that all was good.


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    Sorry for my reply.


    Does you mean Browsing Protection or F-Secure Search extension (as toolbar)?

    There same topic probably:


    I think if you mean F-Secure Search extension. You should to be with placeholder as "Search form" and question-picture. When you choose this button-picture.. will be words about "How to disable/Remove" F-Secure Search extension.


    And also maybe under settings of Firefox should be something as "Settings - Tools - Extensions", where possible to disable/remove extensions.


    F-Secure Browsing Protection and F-Secure Search extension should be different extensions (under list).



  • In the extension list of Firefox it says "Browser Protection by F-Secure"


    And I have the option of  enable  or disable, but no delete.  Wish I could show you.


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    So.. maybe trouble based on current extension too.


    Anyway.. if you disable it, but after re-launch Firefox... extension is enabled... maybe you can to check next point:


    Goes to Main UI (by F-Secure tray picture or desktop-picture) - Browsing Protection - Settings and check tab about "Extensions". There should be option for "auto-handle" (as stay extension is enabled/turned on) situation with extensions and Firefox/Internet Explorer browsers. Maybe this is "checked" and when you disabled it... this is by somewhat strange reasons goes back to enabled (but this should not be like that or auto re-enabled after manual disabled did not work with Internet Explorer).


    Sorry for my suggestions.. I do not use Firefox and because this can not to say something more than suggestions (I will try to re-check with my experience.. if previous words will be not helpful too).

  • I've spent hours trying to understand this problem. I contacted F-secure about it but presented them with the wrong approach. It's not that I don't want to retain enabled browser protection. What I want is an answer as to why, when it is enabled, it is interfering with my Google calendar, causing it to freeze and be unresponsive. It used to function perfectly well until recently so some thing is now wrong, presumably as a consequence of an update? Perhaps whoever will take responsibility for this will find a solution.

  • I received an email from F-Secure in regards to my problem with Browsing Protection by F-Secure 2.160.3975 extension in Firefox interferring with Googles Calendar and Keep. This is what they told me.

    "With regards to your inquiry, We would like to informed you that the issue reported regarding Browsing Protection by F-Secure 2.160.3975 is now a known issue.
    However, we would like to inform you that this issue is now resolved on the next release of Browsing Protection version 2.162.4005."

    So we just have to wait for the release.


  • PROBLEM Google calendar freezes / malfunctions when F-secure browsing protection extension is enabled. Reply from F-secure on 29/04/2016 Dear Fred,
    Please be informed that I have taken over your support ticket as it was escalated earlier. Kindly be advised that Google Calender blocked by Browsing Protection is a known issue and our R&D team are aware of this.

    Our R&D team will release new fixes via F-Secure virus definitions update. The new fixes will allow you to make full use of Google Calender with Browsing Protection enabled. The estimated time will be within 2 - 4 weeks. We will update you once the new fixes is ready.

    Please feel free to contact us again should you need further assistance.

    Best regards,
  • How do I delete my unintended repeat posts on this forum? The options actions do nor include delete.

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    Hello freddie_p,


    Only Administrator or Moderator have an option to delete or move it to the trash for monitoring purpose.


    Thank you.

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    Welll thanks for the information, but why, if I can't do it,  didn't YOU  as a moderator go to the previous page and delete my unintended repeat postings that I was enquiring about getting removed in the first place? And while doing so, delete / edit other posts that  are less reassuring than mine.

  • How do I stop getting notifications of threads I am not following?  (like this one)  

    I follow the link to manage my notifications and this thread is not listed, but yet I continue to get email notifications about it.

    I hate to block ALL notifications from F-Secure, but will have to do something to stop these.

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    Hi @freddie_p ,


    Your duplicate post has been removed accordingly, thank you letting us know.


    Thank you.

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    Since Browsing Protection by F-Secure 2.163.4066 update, my Google Calendar and Google Translate work again!



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