Where can I shutdown automatic aktualizations


Can you tell me where can I deny to downloading automatic actualization? I could not found this option anywhere.

Could you also tell me where can I found and delete already downloaded actualizations in my pc?

After three days of using F-secure I lost 600 MB of free space on my disc. After a month period I would have to uninstall F-secure cuz there won't be any free space on my disc.

I would like to donwload an actualizations jus a one day per week at least.






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  • Simon
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    By "actualizations", do you mean updates? If that's the case, then I don't think they will continue to grow at the same rate, once all components are up to date.

    If you mean something else, then please clarify your question, and explain what "actualizations" you're referring to.
  • radek
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    I think the database update, Daily lose 200MB on C drive. The question is: How can I turn off the constant update download F-Secure safe? Why updates are so big?
  • Simon
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    Maybe someone more technical than myself could answer you better, but I don't think you can turn off automatic updates, as that would seriously compromise the efficiency of the product, and therefore, the security of the device on which it is installed.


    With regards the size of the database updates, I'm not really sure how big they should be, but obviously, if you think they are constantly increasing to the point that they will consume excessive hard drive space, then I guess there could be a problem.


    If no one else comments on here, then I suggest you raise a Support Ticket attaching the diagnostic file from the Support Tool so that the tech guys can have a look at what may be going on.

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply.

    But in fact... F-Secure installation take around one Gb of space. Maybe more (or less a little be) and this is should be known as requirements for system.


    BUT there I mean next:


    --> You create words that installation take six hundred Mb.


    This is normal size (a little be less should be) and will be stable size for installation.


    Big size there based on updates (which downloaded/installed just one time after first installation).

    Most of size based on one of main AV-engines (with signature-based files): Aquarius.

    This is most common and one of best engines (based on famous AV-Engine and have improvements by F-Secure). In fact... this is not so big... because "knowledge" of engine previously can to take more space (and other engines/signatures usually take more space with less powerful). Such as...  for "traditional" engines and signatures.. this is size can be not big.


    Updates (of current main core) take around three hundred Mb.

    This is downloaded after installation and after this.. so big size will be not downloaded again.


    So... this is mean Three Hundred Mb of main core updates/signatures and other size for other part of installation.

    Such as - Five/Six hundred Mb for installation and also there should be back-up for critical files and updates (three hundred Mb). So.. installation in fact.. should to take more space after clean install it.


    Anyway... you words have about daily two hundred Mb on drive?!

    Does you mean that.. size indeed goes to be with less size?! each day per week? Or after just first days?


    Or you mean "usage" ? I think this is possible to be daily usage of two hundred Mb.


    Because updates comes as small part of updates. This is should not to be downloaded HUNDRED MB per day.

    But can be in fact... usage. Such as... your installation downloaded one Mb updates for main core and installation there will be in fact as "re-build" it. From temporary to stable place. And as backup for previous-stable updates-files (in fact.. what if something goes wrong and F-Secure should to re-install locally.. when network connection is broken).


    Also... if you Mobile broadband... with systems Windows 7 and higher.. there have feature for prevent downloading updates during Mobile connection.

    With Ethernet-connection... there not possible to deny "daily" updates. But updates did not comes too much often and should not download big size each time. But there can be drive-usage for big size. "re-build" stable and back-up files for signatures/updates.


    Also maybe can be helpful "outdated" link (for previous versions of F-Secure IS/SAFE) about data transfer-points. Where have words about updates-usage:



    Where have next size-usage for downloading:

    Definition database updates:
    Common usage: 7 MB / week 

    Peak usage: 15 MB / week


    I think number of usage... should not increasing too much. And words can be around current situation too (about downstream).


    Sorry for reply again.


  • radek
    radek Posts: 3 New Member

    Ukko, thank you for your answer.

    Here is a listing update:

    database updates.JPG


    Before instalalling F-secure was free space on C drive: 21,3GB.

    After each start and connect the pc to the network: more or less 200 MB down from C drive.

    Now is 19,9 GB free space on C drive.

    I use only ethernet connection.

    I will be waiting for a week and I will see what happend...

    If this goes on, the next week will follow the uninstallation...

    For clarification : In C drive there are only the system, antivir, browser and a small utility.

    Thank you very much for your time.



  • Ukko
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    And sorry for my next long reply under spoiler! Smiley Sad




    Basically.. if on current time your local drive have current size - this is can be normal. And there probably can not be triggers for "increasing" (but?!).

    There I mean:


    -> Installation should to take about One GB and some of Mb (Not sure based on what points, but I can to think about "One GB and Four Hundreds MB" - such as around six hundred MB of installation-folder, around four hundred of backup-updates-files and other temporary/additional things or libraries; such as components for Microsoft Visutal Studio C++).

    If I understand normally.. this is related with your words (about space).

    And this also based not just with my suggestions, but also with system requirements for installation (where have more size as required, but I think this is because... installation can to create temporary files, which will be deleted after that).

    This "space in use" should not be increasing.


    -> Most of potential "big" size is Aquarius core (for example, under your screenshots and today was "nine" updates". This is mean.. you able to get this step-by-step or from first get "latest collection").

    With clean installation will be common size is around three hundred MB for Aquarius-engine updates/signatures.  And daily updates can to re-place previous "definitions"/signatures or will be additional, but size of daily updates for current engine should not be too much big. Around some MBs. This is mean increasing of "space-usage" should not be too much big week-by-week.

    Such as size can be increasing, but not so visible. And time to time "updates" can to remove "outdated" signatures.


    -> I can to think that your dreams about Two Hundreds down each launch can be related with temporary usage resources.

    I can to think about next design: system loaded and F-Secure goes to download updates. BUT you should be under protection for current time too.

    So.. F-Secure goes to create backup of "current" signatures and use it. When updates downloaded (for example one Mb) - updates should be installed. For example... this is can to happened under "some of temporary" place and take also full size of signatures (second "backup") - "updated" updates goes to be replace "previous stable" and temporary place removed. And your drive stay with stable and "backup". Potentially there can be temporary usage more space for "second backup" place.

    But this is just my suggestion.

    There anyway... probably work something as called "on-the-fly" (?) updates. This is one of "features" for Aquarius-core (mainly for engine, which main component of Aquarius-core) and other F-Secure Modules (Hydra, USS and HIPS-modules), which can to work with many engines and create situation, when user should no to download FULL databases each time for be up-to-dated.


    Such as... this design goes to be "innovation"-technologies previously, when most of AV-software work as "if user want to get updates... he should to download full updates again and install it".

    With design about "on-the-fly" (?)... this is goes to be not visible for user and take less space. Such as work as "additional" for current databases, but not full re-placing it.

    All of this words can be with meanings: most likely can be "drive usage" each launch (by creating temporary files/backup of files/updates). but not most likely downloading files each launch. and maybe your information about space... can be normal - such as based on space-usage, which should be there after first clean installation. And after that should not increasing too much speedy.

    But I also goes to re-check it with my system. :) what if there something goes to be wrong.

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