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Hi all.

As I went back from Win10 to Win8.1  on my PC my F-secure client was deleted. Now I´m trying to install it again but I get the error-messsage "important files are missing" and a pointer to this Forum.

My client is Trygg-surf.exe a Swedish version for the internet provider Com Hem, who don´t seem to have any support on F-secure clients. The client was totaly deleted and is a paid subscription with US$ 7 a month.

Thanksful for any advice


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    There have some of related topics (also based on F-Secure solutions and I think there can be same points with your provider and trygg-surf.exe):



    And potentially helpful KB-words:


    Such as...  KB about upgrade to Windows 10.  I think with "from Windows 10 to previous Windows" can be same result and trouble.


    Commonly... this is mean that your installation/system have "stuck" around some of files maybes. As "partly" deleted files or something around this. and F-Secure installer think that there something wrong.


    Based on KB-words and my dreams.. you can to re-check next steps:


    --> What if you have Windows updates under Security Center for Windows, which postponed and not installed yet.

    Time to time this is can be a reason for installer (based on .msi);


    --> If all Windows Updates is installed.... maybe there stuck (after restore system to previous) about some of critical files.

    I have something same with my experience. And for me was helpful F-Secure Uninstall Tool.

    Same step-point placed under KB-words too.


    Maybe you can to try use it. Maybe this can to clean/clear your local F-Secure too.

    BUT!!! F-Secure Uninstall Tool can to remove F-Secure Freedome, Key too (if you have use it).


    Sorry for my reply.

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