Freedome crashes after installation.

Nash Posts: 9 New Member

Good day,


Everytime Freedome is installed, an error occurs and it crashes. There is a conflict between Freeodome and my antivirus, and Freedome's support tool has created a diagnostic report, but i dont know how to send it to F-Secure team in order to fix the problem. 


Awaiting your kind support.




  • Nash
    Nash Posts: 9 New Member

    Thank you Chameni, I sent the fsdiag and hope to get an answer soon.

  • Chameni
    Chameni Posts: 234 F-Secure Employee


    Hello @Nash,


    Thank you for the update, I have highlighted your post to our Support team for further looking into this issue. They will get back to you for further investigation.


    Thank you.

  • Nash
    Nash Posts: 9 New Member

    woah thanks! thats so awesome of you.



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